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1. How this directory works

The directory runs on an ethically-grounded trust model.

Every therapist who registers contributes what is fair for their circumstances as outlined below.

The aim is to avoid practitioners in the low-cost sector being under-represented to the public.

By clicking on "register" on the site's registration page you agree to your details being displayed in accordance with our privacy policy, and commit to the obligations below.

2. What do you pay?

You must contribute at least once a year (or contact us to arrange a fee-waiver).

A common contribution per year is half your standard session fee.

You agree to co-operate with the checking of your details as described here.

If you persistently fail to contribute or arrange a fee-waiver, we may send you reminders.

3. Who is eligible

Your qualification as a counsellor or psychotherapist must be recognised by an organisation as indicated on our help pages.

Your profile will be displayed in the directory once we have evidence of this.

Being in clinical placement during training doesn't make you qualified.

You must have a recognised professional ethical code or framework and abide by it in dealing with us and other directory users.

4. Managing and removing your profile

Practitioner profiles are self-managed: you agree to:

  • keep you profile's content promptly up-to-date.
  • set your profile's status to 'hidden' when you are not in practice or do not want to be listed.
  • not include any information that is private or sensitive.
  • respond promptly and courteously to any messages we send you

You may also request that your details be permanently removed from our records, by emailing us.

5. The limits of our liability

We try to make sure the profiles listed on the site are accurate, but you use it at your own risk.

Our total liability is limited to the amount you have contributed in last 12 months.

You agree to indemnify us against any claims related to your actions.

6. Cookies

If you register, we will use cookies to manage your account.